Easily Encrypt Your SharePoint Form Data!

One of the best features of StratusForms is the ability to encrypt your form data so that only users with the decryption key can view your form data. This adds another level of security for extra sensitive data and also gives you the ability to encrypt either your entire form or just selected fields in that form. Now, thanks to the new SharePoint Framework Web Part for StratusForms, encryption is even easier than ever! Simply edit the form properties, enable encryption, and specify the key to be used. Secure the SharePoint page with out of the box SharePoint security and immediately you have created an encrypted form. Take a look at the following video to check out our form/field encryption in action!

Download the SharePoint Framework Web Part today at: http://www.stratusforms.com/spfx/1.55/stratus-forms.sppkg 

Create StratusForms Forms for your Modern SharePoint Pages!

We are proud to introduce to you the new SharePoint Framework Web Part for StratusForms! You can now quickly and easily create forms for you SharePoint Online sites for BOTH Classic and Modern Pages? Create beautiful forms using HTML and CSS. Enhance your forms with powerful business logic using JavaScript to create dynamic forms, call web services, and take your SharePoint Forms to the next level!!  Just watch the video below to get started:

Download the SharePoint Framework Web Part today at: http://www.stratusforms.com/spfx/1.55/stratus-forms.sppkg